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For over ten years, Harrold Wolcott of Wolcott Consulting, Inc has been implementing the SAP public sector solution. He participated in a large number of SAP public sector implementations for a wide variety of state, local, and federal government organizations. He tailored custom solutions designed and implemented to resolve unique challenges using SAP FICO Fm ans PS at each of these government organizations. Harrold has extensive knowledge of SAP FICO FM and PS and government accounting.

Some of the unique challenges facing government organizations are reporting on both a full accrual and partial accrual basis, and fund accounting, where the organization is a recipient of grants or the organization awards grants. SAP FICO can be configured to handle even the most complex fund accounting procedures.

Harrold Wolcott has experience with every SAP FICO version released including all SAP IS-PS versions, and more recently with SAP ECC 5.0 and SAP ECC 6.0. Harrold gets new SAP Public Sector training as new modules and features become available. Soon he will be certified in SAP HANA.

Proper integration of the various SAP modules is the key to a successful implementation. In a public sector implementation of SAP, there are more integration points and more complex accounting requirements than exist for commercial organizations.

SAP Funds Management and SAP Project Systems are somewhat unique in the SAP family of applications because the primary sources of transactional information for these modules arise in other SAP applications such as procurement, sales, and cost and financial accounting. In every project, Harrold has been deeply involved with financial integration. Harrold has an MBA in Finance and a good understanding of accounting principles.

To successfully integrate SAP for a government, the master data must be designed and identified in a manner that simplifies the data entry processes as much as possible consistent with specific local requirements. In most cases, most users should only need to identify the amount of money they are spending, for whom, and what purpose (three pieces of information) and other information such as the fund, program, or governmental program should be derived. Only fund accountants and other knowledgeable persons need to be aware of the more complex aspects of governmental accounting.

By specializing in SAP funds management and SAP project systems, Harrold has successfully designed master data, integrated all of the financial modules within SAP R3, and designed and specified interfaces where needed to client legacy applications.

Every SAP public sector implementation needs at least one public sector integration specialist. Contact Harrold Wolcott for your all you SAP Public Sector system installations, upgrades or enhancements.


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